"Weather the Storm"

"Weather the Storm" -Waterfowl Paintings Waterfowl Paintings by Scot Storm - Waterfowl Paintings by Scot Storm
"Weather the Storm"
Weather The Storm
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U.S. Art Magazine listed this particular piece as one of the Top 50 Prints of 2000 admidst such notable wildlife artists as, Robert Bateman, Michael Sieve, Paco Young, Carl Brenders and Dan Smith.

"In a word:Ominous. Thunderclaps and flashes of lighting may be thrilling when under a roof, but they must be a terrifying ordeal for wild critters, as we can see from Scot Storm's intimate perspective. Has the storm just passed, or is it merely a lull? The still-churning lake waters and the distant cumulonimbi imply either."
-U.S. Art Magazine

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